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ISPTA Parent Guide

On behalf of the ISPTA, welcome to Island School!  We’ve put together a quick guide to Island School for parents, with some ISPTA Pro Tips to help you with a smooth transition.

The 2020-2021 ISPTA Parent Guide covers the following topics:

  • School Details – School Info + Transport Options
  • Key School Contact Information
  • Key ISPTA Contact Information
  • When Should My Child Go To School ?
  • Getting Ready for School
  • Communications with School – Students + Parents
  • Learning & Activities Information – The School Day & Learning + School Activities
  • Additional Useful Information

Please click here to view 2020-2021 ISPTA Parent Guide


For information regarding school bus services, please refer to

Since January 2018, ISPTA is no longer involved in organizing school bus services.

Please note that Kwoon Chung has updated their contract terms for 2020/21. Legally the bus contract is between parent and bus company. ISPTA is not able to get involved in individual cases of issues with bus service, however we can represent parents concerns on bus service in general. Kwoon Chung can be contacted at

Please feel free to cc on communications with Kwoon Chung regarding your concerns.


Uniform Uniform can be purchased via the online platform

For additional information, please visit

Books & Stationery

The ISPTAL may on occasion assist to sell exceptional stationery requirements by pre-order only e.g. graphical display calculators. An announcement will be sent to parents in such circumstances.


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