21 Jun 2024

Robotics Competition at RCHK School

Three teams from the Island School Year 7-8 Robotics Class travelled to RCHK on June 13 to participate in an inter-school Scrimmage competition for the VEX IQ Full Volume Challenge. The teams competed in a series of “Qualifying Matches” to determine the “Alliances” (two teams working together in each match to score a shared number of points) for the “Finals Matches.”

The Island School robotics teams had performed exceptionally well throughout the tournament, securing their place in the sudden-death Finals Matches. From these Finals, the two highest-scoring alliances featured Island School teams, allowing all 3 of their teams to advance to the Deciding Matches.

While they did not score as highly in the Deciding Matches as they had earlier in the day, the teams of JNJ (Jeremy Yau, Nathan Chan, Jonas Chan) and Phoenix (Joanna Sun, Horace Chung) emerged as the overall winners. They outscored the other Deciding Match alliance, which paired the Potato team (Enoch Chau, Isaac Smith, Sancus Lam) with a team from South Island School.

The Island School students were wonderful ambassadors, demonstrating excellent effort, politeness, and commitment as they interacted and collaborated with peers from other schools, as well as the referees and teachers running the event. I was immensely proud of their performance and results, but found their participation, effort, and professionalism to be the most rewarding aspects.

Gordon Radcliffe, Design Technology and Computer Science teacher said “Well done to all the Island School roboteers! I hope they continue to build on these skills by participating in future Elements Robotics classes.”