ISPTA Committee

To be part of the Island School Parent Teacher Association Limited (ISPTAL) is an honour, and in return, we strive to serve the community the best we can.

We work to build community, which in turn builds a sense of belonging which benefits our children’s time at Island School. We have a very able and hardworking committee that ensures that the parents receive support in every way. You are welcome to join our ISPTA meetings, usually held on the second Monday of almost every month. If you have a query or question, don’t hesitate to ask us.

We hope that you find the information on this website helpful. The ISPTA welcomes suggestions and ideas as to how we can further improve our connection with parents, teachers, students and the local community.

Please contact us on .


Chair Tania Shao
Vice Chair Tarja Joro
Honorary Treasurer Alex Chin
Secretary Manju Anand
Parents’ Representatives Alefiyah Ebrahim, Jennifer Seeto, Kathrin Leung, Lamey Chang, Mechelle Yu, Rosanna Nongdhar, Soundari Mukherjea
Principal Stephen Loggie
Teachers’ Representatives Mary Lacey-Vittachi, Steve Coats & Stephanie Weathington
Invited Parent Member Eric Chen, Kandy Sum
Communications Alefiyah Ebrahim, Jennifer Seeto, Lamey Chang, Manju Anand, Mechelle Yu, Tarja Joro
Donations & Sponsorships Jennifer Seeto, Lamey Chang, Tarja Joro
Finance & Budget Alex Chin, Kathrin Leung, Rosanna Nongdhar, Tania Shao
Green Group Jennifer Seeto, Rosanna Nongdhar, Tarja Joro
Higher Education & Careers Alefiyah Ebrahim, Jessie Chen, Manju Anand, Soundari Mukherjea, Tarja Joro
Parent Events Alefiyah Ebrahim, Alex Chin, Jennifer Seeto, Lamey Chang, Manju Anand, Mechelle Yu, Rosanna Nongdhar