25 Jun 2024

Nansen X Fleming House Night 2024

What an amazing achievement for the Nansen and Fleming House communities! The first-ever joint House Event took place for the first time in Island School’s history on June 11, 2024. The Fleming and Nansen Evening was a resounding success.

The event opened with a delightful ‘No Sale Bake Sale’, where the refreshment contributions from students, parents and the ISPTA, helped set the stage for the celebratory evening. The performances that followed were truly impressive, showcasing the diverse talents of our student body. From the captivating singers and dancers to the virtuosic violinist and cellist, and even a mesmerising magic act, the audience was treated to a truly memorable show.

It was particularly heartening to see 7F and 7N students represent their houses with their energetic camp dance, a wonderful example of how our younger students are already embracing the spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie between the houses.

The success of this event is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the house leaders from both Fleming and Nansen. Andrew Chan, Chianne Chung, Leonard Lui, Shlok Sharda from 12 Fleming and Hayden Chiang, Mei Goto, Katie Lim, and Felix Zhang from 12 Nansen deserve a round of applause for their tireless efforts in organising and hosting this event, even amidst the demands of their Year 12 practice exams. Well done.

We would like to thank the site team and a big thank you goes out to Heads of House Ms. Worthington and Ms. Newby for their invaluable support in making this event a reality.

The Fleming and Nansen Evening has truly set a new standard for cross-house collaboration and celebration. It is a shining example of how our community can come together to recognize and honour the remarkable achievements of our students. This event has undoubtedly inspired us all to continue exploring ways to foster unity and camaraderie between our houses in the future.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, contributed, and attended this remarkable event. Your involvement and enthusiasm have helped create a lasting memory for the Nansen and Fleming House communities.