ISPTA Wellness

Winter Wellness Family Fun Time

ISPTA has organised some fun wellness contests and activities for Islander families to enjoy together over the Winter Break.

Most Favourite Family Wellness Activity – Contest #1

Please send in your family’s favourite wellness activity during the Winter Break as a:

  • creative photo (category 1)
  • 1 minute video (category 2)

Each family can submit once for each category. The winner in each category will receive a prize. Submission deadline is 11:59pm Tues, Jan 5th 2021

Please click here to upload photo/video of your activity.

Family Fun Bake – Contest #2

Please take a photo of your family’s baking creation. Only one submission will be accepted from each family. The winner will receive a prize. Submission deadline is 11:59pm Tues, Jan 5th 2021.

Please checkout Mr Lord’s video for inspiration:

Please click here to upload your photo of your creation.

Additional Contest Rules:
  • A gmail email account is needed to submit photos/video for the contest. If you do not have a gmail account, your child’s school account can be used to submit.
  • Contest deadlines are January 5th 2021 (submission deadline 11:59pm Tues, Jan 5th) 
  • ISPTA Committee will choose the top 5 submissions
  • ISPTA families can then vote for their favorite submission from January 7th-11th 2021.
  • Winners will be announced on Tuesday, January 12th 2021.
  • Prizes will need to be collected from School.
  • Please be reminded to comply with Government Social Distancing Guidelines.
  • All videos and photos will only be shared within the Islander Community. By submitting, you agree that your image can be shared with the Island School Community.


Family Crafts

Getting creative, need some ideas? Here are some tips you can use to have some fun from making snowflakes and more.

Paper Snowflakes:
Catherine Ho is an Island School parent and has kindly created this video showing how to create paper snowflakes. You may have seen her paper snowflake handiwork decorating our school campuses.


Gift Tag and Xmas Tree
Rosanna Nongdhar is an Island School parent and PTA committee member. She is very passionate about following the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse,and Recycle). Click on the image below to view her Gift Tag and Xmas Tree creations.

Whole Family Workout

Let’s stay fit during this season with some basic yoga stretching exercises and a weekly work out session and video by Mr Siu. Click on the links below for more details.

Yoga Activity:
Sheetal Jhaveri is an Island School parent and qualified yoga instructor who is kindly sharing her knowledge of some simple yoga poses for the Islander Community to do over the Winter Break. You can find Sheetal via Instagram or Facebook.

Yoga Asanas Descriptions: Please click on the image to view the different descriptions of Yoga Asana (poses).

Yoga Asanas Video: Click on the video below to view Sheetal demonstrating the variety of yoga poses.

Mr Siu’s Winter Break Wellness Challenge:
7 Day Xmas Challenge. Please click on Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 to view details.

Fitness Videos – Episode 1Episode 2 , Episode 3

Season’s Greeting to Teachers and Staff

Thinking of posting your Season’s Greetings to your IS teachers and staff? Please click on the image below and sign our virtual card. We suggest using a PC/laptop for easier message upload.