29 Aug 2017

Counselling Appointment


Please email counselling@online.island.edu.hk to make an appointment or to leave a message for the counsellors.

If you need to talk to someone urgently, please contact your tutor, SHOH, the nurse or ask at the general office to contact a counsellor for you.

What Happens in the First Session?

The first meeting is a time for you and your counsellor to get to know each other. It is the counsellor’s job to put you at ease and our counsellors are very experienced at doing this. She will also explain the boundaries of the relationship. There will be no pressure to talk until you are ready.

How Many Sessions?

You may find that only one or two sessions is right for you, but often people want to continue the process for longer. In any case, we will review the situation together after the 6th session and decide what’s best moving forward.

Where to Find Your Counsellor

There are three counselling rooms. You will be provided with appointment times, dates and location of where to meet your counsellor.

The counselling schedule for 2018-19 Term 2 is as follows:

Sha Tin Wai Tai Wai
Monday Shirralee
Tuesday Kate Shirralee
Wednesday Kate Shirralee
Thursday Shirralee Doris
Friday Shirralee


Commitment to the Process

Counselling is a collaborative process for both you and the counsellor.  Although you may find it takes some time to talk openly, engaging in the process will help you to move forward forward.  This includes committing yourself to scheduled appointments and taking responsibility for emailing or texting your counsellor if you are unable to attend. The counsellors email addresses will be provided so you can contact them directly. Doing this as early as possible is very important as it means that the counsellor can arrange to use that time to see another student.