8 Feb 2018

The NMKM Memorial Fund

Support children, living in severe financial hardship, achieve their educational goals. The Nicola Myers Kenneth McBride Fund is in memory of two wonderful Island School students who were tragically murdered over 30 years ago. Each year since then, with the support of their families the Island School community has raised money to help financially challenged local children. The amount we can give each of the recipients may seem small to us, but to them $2,500 goes a very long way to giving them the support to continue their education, to buy the books and materials or support their living costs when their families cannot.

One student said, “I come from a poor family and my parents can just earn enough to keep the wolf from the door. I did not have a chance to join any extra-curricular activities. After receiving the grant, I can join different activities to widen my horizons. I can also buy more learning materials. It helps me to prepare for exams effectively.”

Please state in the, PayPal note section, where you would like your donation to go, Spirit Fund, Island School Trust Scholarship, The Nicola Myers Kenneth McBride Fund  or the John Ying Wah Gibson Memorial Fund. A tax deductible receipt is available on request for donations over $100 contacts, school@online.island.edu.hk

Donate With PayPal NMKM

Donation Target $250,000

Cheques made payable to ‘Island School’, please reference on the back of the cheque where you would like your donation to go, Spirit Fund, NMKM, John Gibson or Island School Trust Scholarship. Please also include your name and address so we can send you a thank you card. Cheques to Island School Tai Wai, Finance Office, Sun Chui Estate, Sha Tin, New Territories.