The Island School Trust

The Trust was established in 2007 to mark the 40th anniversary of Island School. The Trust Fund was started with donations. Initially there were four trustees but this group has expanded and contracted over time. The Principal, the IS Council Chair, a PTA representative and the Chair of the Alumnae Association have always been trustees. Later the group included a staff representative and other friends of the school community.

In the deed or foundation the purposes of the trust are given as follows:

(a)    to educate and assist students attending the School so as to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved

(b)    to award scholarships, bursaries or maintenance allowances tenable at any school, university or other educational establishment approved by the Trustees

(c)    to construct, redevelop and maintain within the School such halls, rooms, hostel, residence, gymnasium, library, swimming pools or any other buildings and I or facilities which the Trustees think proper for the benefit of the students and staff of the School or for any other purpose or purposes as shall be determined by the Trustees,

(d)    to provide a better environment for the staff and students of the School including to demolish, alter, enlarge, rebuild, renovate, add to, equip, furnish and refurnish all or any of the buildings or structures at the School, and

(e)    for the advancement of education and benefit of the community generally.

Until 2015 the trust has used the fund primarily in section (b) above in funding aspects of education for Island School students who are suffering financial difficulty. This has predominately been in scholarships for students to help the costs of their first year of university. In these cases detailed examination of the financial justification for a scholarship and the trustees need to be satisfied that recipients can fund themselves for subsequent years.

The trust has also given smaller bursaries to students to support them on school trips that would be financially challenging to certain parents. The principal is that once a child has joined Island School, financial issues should not mean the quality of their education should be compromised.

In 2015 the IS Trust has agreed to manage the funds generated by the IS Spirit Fund. The charitable status of the Trust makes this in ideal vehicle for the Fund whose aims fit well within the purposes of the Trust.

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The Island School Trust Deed is available for inspection at the School Office

The Audited Accounts of the Trust are available for inspection at the School Office.