Student Leadership

Strong student leadership characterises Island School’s spirit. All that we do aims to enhancing the student experience by:

  • Providing opportunity
  • Broadening horizons
  • Supporting wellbeing
  • Promoting ethical and responsible citizenship

The Student Council

The new Student Leadership Council comprises is chaired by the Head Students. It is further represented by leaders in seven key areas:

Learning – Sport – Arts – Communication – Student Welfare – Environment – Community Outreach

Their agreed mission for the coming year is “to achieve inclusion within the Island School community and to reflect on issues in the world with a forward-thinking framework, all with adequate flexibility to adapt to the decant …. to honour the respect of Island School and through this achieve a positive and open-minded learning environment.”

Student Ambassadors

School student leadership is now further strengthened by School Ambassadors. These students represent Island School at internal and external events; they meeting school visitors and take guests on tours around campus as required. As such, they are very much the face and embodiment of the Island School spirit. The Ambassadors come from all Houses, each displaying the model student qualities that are expected of them. Again, next year in the decant, Ambassadors will be selected for both campuses.

Meet the students

Head Student, Dylan Ngan

I have a firm belief in the pursuit of the best of any role that I have engaged with. As a student, nothing motivates me more than being able to represent the student body, to be their voice to inspire and to improve. My focus is on the very fundamentals of education itself, attitude. I hope to engage students with curiosity, the quest towards answers, truth, and to not only see the world as what it is, but what it could be. A little about myself, I am mundivagant about the fields of science and philosophy. One representing an organised body of knowledge, and one an organised life. Human greatness is defined by skeptically ourselves and the universe, and is shaped by our way of thinking.  

Head Student, Karen Ng

Being part of the Island School community has taught me that growth has no end point. Thus, in all that I do, I strive to be the best version of myself. This philosophy is one that I will work hard to encourage amongst my aims as Head Student. I aim to inspire and guide my fellow students to find their friends, values and paths.  I am honoured to be selected to represent and relay the student voice. It humbles me that I can lead and serve as an example for them. In addition, I am excited to help better our learning experiences. All my activities will be an ode to the people here, and our values of hard work, kindness and diversity.
Outside of my role, I am an artist. I enjoy a range of passions, from performance and filmmaking to writing poetry and stories. Furthermore, I strongly believe in equal rights and am actively involved in the social justice scene. As Head Student I will work according to these beliefs, which are of particular significance within the Island School community. It is one of my primary duties to champion the different strengths and preferences of each person.

I look greatly forward to serving as Head Student this year!

Deputy Head Student, Noemi Hatterer

Having attended  Island School since Year 7, I know and have experienced the importance of the Island School values. Valuing the diversity of our school community, embracing responsibility and pursuing excellence. These will contribute immensely as to how I will deliver the role as a Senior Student Leader. Opportunities provided externally and by the school have allowed me to develop the characteristics I have today. I am a determined, dynamic person, open to hear the ideas and critiques of others, and always willing to adapt myself to the various situations I am placed in. The composition of my characteristics, personal values and Island School values will motivate me to deliver this role to the best of my capacity. 

Deputy Head Student, Darius Tam

I was delighted to discover that my new position of Deputy Head Student was a platform for me to step up and take more responsibility to further strengthen unity and cohesion throughout Island School. Beyond what was immediately apparent about the position with its prestigious title and reputation, I was instead drawn to the opportunities provided to interact with the whole of the student body, and to facilitate their learning to the best of my abilities. I believe in pursuing excellence in all that I do, and I similarly encourage such values towards the students, but at the core of my beliefs, it is the numerous interactions with other students of different age and backgrounds that will bring me the most satisfaction in my role. Especially in the imminent decant period, to bring together people and move towards a common vision is a challenging, but no doubt noble task, a task that will ensure my absolute maximum effort. Nothing humbles me more than to say that I am in the privileged position to inspire our students and act as their voice.

Learning Advisors, Wing Kiu Chan and Nicole Ho

 Our main focus this year is to reflect on the current learning journey implementation in the school curriculum, as well as gather valuable student and staff feedback to further enhance the presence of the learning journey within our classroom environment.  

Sports Captains, Kiara Jim and Rahel Wijeyekoon

 We are the captains of the Sports perspective in the student leadership team. Our aim for this coming year are to improve the enthusiasm and involvement in all aspects of sports, recognition of sporting achievement, to withhold an identity to tighten the sports community, and to increase the emphasis on physical education.

Communications Directors, Jasmine Chan, Disha Shetty

Our aim this year is to develop social media platforms to broadcast our diverse community. We want to inspire YOU guys to get involved. Lastly, our most important aim is to strengthen the relationships within our school, especially since we will be in two separate campuses next year.

Student Welfare Leaders, Erika Makino, Caylan Socha

Through our election as the presidents of the student union, we are now the representatives of Student Welfare for the upcoming year. Our aims this year are to continue to make the time students spend in Island School, relaxed and enjoyable. Island School is often remembered by its friendly community, and we aim to maintain this idea.

Environment, Dharesha Jhaveri

I am the representative for environment in the student council. This year our aim is to reduce the waste we create in Island School, this includes both classroom waste and catering waste i.e  plastic cutlery because this our responsibility to our community and planet.

Creative Directors

As creative directors in the student council, our prime goal is to encourage and culture artistry in the school. We will, with your help, raise the profile of the Arts in school. 

Community Outreach Leader, Isabella Chan

I am the community outreach representative in the student council. This year our aim is to increase opportunities for student community outreach and increase effective connections between community outreach groups

Student Ambassadors Year 10

This is a group of students chosen by House staff to show leadership qualities at their new campus.
Jasper Law, Nikhita Attaluri, Jaime Lam, Gloria Leung, Mia Sasaki Durant, Nicole Khaimson, Felicity Shiu, John Callaghan, Jasper Ros, Chasya Cohen, Gobind Thind, Halle Son, Maria Ho, Jamie Wong, Rachel Handley, Skye MacArthur, Jaimie Lau, Nicole Tam 

Student Ambassadors Year 13

From each House