6 Mar 2017

Sponsorship for the 50th Anniversary events

In support of the 50th Gala events, we are seeking sponsorship from individuals and/or corporations to cover costs of the event operations such as printing, promotions, food and beverage and decorations.  In return, you will receive key brand placement, marketing opportunities and targeted promotions through the backdrops, information tables and printed materials associated with these events.  You will also receive acknowledgement as a sponsor partner on the school’s website.

For ​more information on ​sponsorships, please contact
Jacqueline Archer at Jacqueline.archer@online.island.edu.hk or 2230 4716/6972 0443.

For further information about the school’s charities, please go to the Island School website or follow this link http://island.edu.hk/island-giving/.

Any profits made from the 50th Anniversary events, will go to the Island School Trust Fund and the Nicola Myers & Kenneth McBride Memorial.