PTA – Volunteer

Volunteers are at the heart of the Island School community. Without the selfless dedication of our volunteers, we would not be able to achieve what we do. Volunteering your time and energy is much appreciated. Not only will you feel part of your child’s journey through school, but you will meet like minded people, and hopefully, establish relationships that go beyond Island School.

We need volunteers to help run the bookshop Monday – Friday during term and to help out at the annual Island School Fair as well as the Raffle. Even though these are our main fund-raising events, we are continuously looking for volunteers throughout the year.

Ways you can help !

  • Bookshop – if you have any spare time and wish to contribute by working in the bookshop please contact Sandra Logan at Volunteers for the bookshop typically commit to working once a month from 9.30am to 11:45am or from 11:45am to 2:15pm Monday to Friday except Wednesday which is 10:15am to 1:15pm
  • General Volunteers – throughout the year, the ISPTA needs volunteers to support its work. If you wish to be on a list of volunteers to be contacted on an ad hoc basis,please contact Sandra Logan at


Download the PTA Volunteer form

List of Parents Reps

Nansen Andrew Basham, Bernie
Einstein Teena Dela Rosa, Jake Douglas
Nansen Christopher Liu,Gabriella
Rutherford Charles Han, Nichole
Wilberforce Ashley Chung, Ellie
Einstein Renate Boerner, Micaiah

Einstein Scarlett Mattoli, Leone
Einstein Yuki Wong, Eugene Law
Fleming Kelly Chung, Yanisha Yan Yu
Rutherford Sati Matharu, Ambi
Einstein Ricky San, Ivy Fan

Einstein Alefiyah Ebrahim, Sarrah
Fleming Alex Chin Hong Siang, Xu En
DaVinci Surekha Attaluri, Nikhita
Wilberforce May Lee, Ino Zhu
Fleming Kenichi Matsui, Haruka
Einstein Anita Shaikh, Jasmine

DaVinci Sheila Chan, Alysia To
DaVinci Angela Wong, Nathaniel Wu
DaVinci Alisha Ma, Victoria Work
Einstein Scarlett Mattoli, Luciano

Einstein Shirley Kwok Chi Ho
Einstein Shalini Brindal, Vrinda
Einstein Urvashi Gidwani, Esha/ Meher

Einstein Alefiyah Ebrahim, Ammar
Einstein Anita Shaikh, Sabrina Shaikh

Rutherford Mindy Moser, Casey Moser
Wilberforce Cathy Ziengs, Daniel
Nansen Soundari Mukherjea, Arundhati
DaVinci Andy Lowe, Josh Keys