PTA – Committee

co-Chairs Alefiyah Ebrahim, Sheila Chan
Secretary Kelvin Lee
Treasury Alex Chin, David Fung & Kelvin Lee
Communications & Newsletter Tarja Joro & Manju Anand
Donations & Sponsorships
IT, Webpage & Graphic Design Alefiyah Ebrahim & David Fung
 Career Fairs Angela Wong, Christopher Liu, Swapna Kotkar
WhatApp Co-ordination Alefiyah Ebrahim, David Fung & Tarjo Joro
RoundTable Co-ordination Soundari Mukherjea
Welcome Committee & Volunteer Gini Lo & Alisha Ma
Y7-13 Parent Reps Co-ordination Alefiyah Ebrahim & Angela Wong
Parents Members Terry Kwok, Minna Lipponen
Principal Stephen Loggie
Teacher Representatives Julian Reed, Mary Lacey-Vittachi & Stephanie Weathington


 Alefiyah Ebrahim

Alefiyah joined the ISPTA as a graphic-designer. She has a passion for design & craft; she’s always looking for new ways to channel her creativity. She also does jewellery design and has an ETSY shop for paper crafts. She worked in advertising as a Creative Art Director for J. Walter Thompson in Mumbai, before moving to Hong Kong in 2000. The Ebrahim family has been trading in Hong Kong since 1842, her husband Mustapha attended both Island School and its sister primary school Glenealy. Both their children Ammar and Sarrah are continuing the family tradition and are now at Island School in Y9 & Y12 Einstein.

  Sheila Chan

Sheila is the Director of Marketing & Communications at one of Hong Kong’s leading Food & Beverage Group. Her son, Justin, just graduated from Island School last year while her daughter, Alysia, is currently in Year 10. She is honoured to serve as the Vice-Chair of ISPTA and will try her best to foster a strong community and school spirit for the well being of our students.



Communications & Newsletter

Jannie Tam

Jannie is Senior Director of GROWHOUSE working exclusively with London Gifted & Talented Asia. She was a former General manager for Dymocks at IFC & 13 franchised stores. She has also been head of marketing at Walt Disney, Time Warner. Jannie holds a BA in English language and Literature from Soochow University, Taiwan and MBA from Edinburgh Business School, Hariot-Watt Universtiy, Scotland.
She has a 16 year old son in Y12, who moved to Island school from another international school in Hong Kong. They throughly enjoy the learning environment and community here. Jannie is delighted to be part of the PTA.



Patti Lam

Patti has been serving the HK healthcare industry since she was a University graduate. She is delighted to serve the Island School community together with many cheerful and supportive parents from different aspects in ISPTA. And, of course, she always feels great to participate in IS events together with her children.Her daughter Carole is in Y13 and her son Ernest in Y9. She’s an Einstein parent.

Welcome Committee & Volunteers Alisha Ma

Alisha immigrated to Vancouver, Canada when she was 14. She made the most of Canada’s opportunities by securing a Bachelor degree (B.Pharm) from the pretigious University of British Columbia and an MBA in finance from University of Victoria.
Alisha is experienced and stays on the cutting edge as a registered Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). For the past 9 years, Alisha has been advising and helped successful entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, professionals, business elites and their families with sophisticated immigration and education planning, helping them to start new lives in Canada. Alisha has been married to Andrew Work for 19 years. The have two daughters, Victoria (10D) and Charlotte, named after Victoria, British Columbia and Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island

RoundTable Co-ordination

Soundari Mukherjea