Policies and Publications

Anniversary Book

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Find out what  teachers are doing today that inspires students, read about interesting alumni and what Island School students were doing in Wan Chai 50 years ago in Island School’s 50th anniversary book! Please contact office@online.island.edu.hk, (852) 2524 7135.

Annual Report


Assessment Policy

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More information about Assessment can be found on the Assessment page 

Acceptable Use of Laptops and ICT

The school has an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for laptops, it details the ways in which ICT facilities can and cannot be used and is relevant to students, staff and parents. You will be asked to sign to say that you understand the expectations outlined.

More information about Assessment can be found on the Learning Technologies page

Digital Technologies Responsible Use Agreement

Child Protection

More infomation about Child Protection can be found on the Guidance and Support page.

Download ESF Child Protection Policy

You can also download the ESF Drugs Policy

English as an Additional Language

Language Policy

Our Learning Journey

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More information  about Teaching and Learning can be found on the Curriculum page.

Three Year Strategic Plan 2015-2018