Island School Values

The Island School Community
Pursues Excellence

    • Through our passion for teaching,
    • Through our passion for learning,
    • Through our determination to be the best we can be,
    • Through our resilience in the face of challenge.

Embraces Responsibility

      • For our learning and teaching,
      • For our words and behaviour,
      • For our leadership,
      • For our local and global community.

Celebrates Individuality

        • By recognising a variety of approaches to learning,
        • By recognising a variety of approaches to teaching,
        • By respecting our diversity,
        • By valuing empathy.

The Island School Code was defined by a group of students from a range of years.

We should;
Value and respect the diversity of our school community,
with regard to cultural heritage, gender, sexuality, age, physical appearance or physical/academic ability

Be positive role models,
behaving appropriately when representing the school both on and off campus

Be courteous and inclusive in the language we use, whether spoken, written or online,
not using language as a way to exclude others
not calling people names which may offend
showing respect and care for others in public forums (e.g. online)

Take action to support those in need,
if someone’s safety is at risk
reporting unkind or intimidating behaviour
not being a bystander

Show respect for other people’s property,
always asking permission before using others’ property
treating other people’s property with respect
never taking the property of others
handing in property that is found (to the General Office)

Respect the environment and take positive steps to enhance it,
using the recycling bins provided
not defacing or vandalizing school property
ensuring that our physical surroundings help to create a positive learning environment

Be positive about learning and respect the rights of other students to learn in their own way,
allowing others to work without disturbance
being active and supportive about teaching and learning

Take responsibility for our actions,
thinking independently and considering consequences
being honest
following and supporting all school guidelines

Island School Behaviour Policy Group
May 2007

The Island School Ethos (uploaded October 2016)