3 Jun 2016

Hong Kong Secession Debate

Island School in partnership with Harbour Times present the Hong Kong Secession DebateI

“This house believes that the future of Hong Kong’s people is best secured through real self-determination”Debate poster (3)

For the motion:
Baggio Leung – Convenor of Youngspiration.
Cheng Chung-tai – Leading member of Civic Passion

Against the motion:
Regina Ip – Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, as well as the co-founder and current chairperson of the New People’s Party and Savantas Policy Institute.
Eunice Yung, barrister-at-law

Andrew Work – CEO and Co-Founder of New Work Media, a trade media firm that publishes flagship Harbour Times, where he is the Editor-in-Chief.

The debate will open with the moderator introducing the debate at hand. This will be a short talk which ….
Introduces each debater
Puts the motion in context.
Explains its significance at this time in Hong Kong.
Explains the structure and rules of the debate itself.

The following format will be adhered to closely …….
In the first round, each debater presents their uninterrupted opening statements, which are strictly limited to ten minutes for each speaker. After this round, the moderator gives a summary of the points each side made and introduces the next round.
In the second round the second speakers will talk for up to ten minutes. Debaters from each side may address the points made by the opposition’s first speaker. This process however will not involve any direct cross examination between sides.
In the third round, the audience is allowed to ask questions of the debaters. These are regulated by the moderator, who often re-words the questions for clarity and declines questions if they appear to be irrelevant to the motion.
In the fourth round, each debater presents their uninterrupted closing statements, which, like opening statements, are strictly limited by time to two minutes for each speaker.